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Wednesday, 6 April 2005
Blog closed....
Mood:  cool
Topic: My blog
My blog here is closed.
Please head to for the new flavour.

regards and farewell,

Posted by valeryno at 11:54 AM MEST
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Sunday, 3 April 2005
Secudel (including sources) released!
Mood:  chillin'
Topic: My works
Secudel, a little kmd i coded which should satisfy your paranoia about security and privacy. It performs secure deletion of files using DOD (Department of Defense) 5220.22-M Standard. It gets installed as boot driver, so you will not see a gui or anything. It just takeover the OS deletefile process whenever you delete a file.


!!!WARNING!!! : there's no way (except maybe some weird forensic analysis with hardware tools, but i doubt about it too) to recover deleted files when secudel driver is installed, even with Norton Unerase, EasyRecover or anything else.

Usage :

unzip the package wherever you want, and install the driver with

sdinst.exe numberofoverwriterounds

numberofoverwriterounds is the number of overwrite passes applied when a file is deleted. A value of 2 or 3 is secure enough. Higher values may result in slowness.

The driver will run immediately without reboot.
To uninstall, use sdinst -U, then reboot.

Full sources are included, if you wanna peek at it..... you need MSVC + DDK to compile it, of course.


Posted by valeryno at 3:25 PM MEST
Updated: Sunday, 3 April 2005 3:29 PM MEST
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Farewell Karol.....
Mood:  sad
Topic: My blog
Yesterday at 9.37PM (italian time) Pope Johannes Paul III had died after a long suffering journey.

Farewell Karol..... you've been a light for all of us, Catholics or atheists, may you rest in peace next to the Lord.
Even if it's a bit out of topic here, i think you deserve some space in my blog.....


Posted by valeryno at 2:56 PM MEST
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My first blog!
Mood:  special
Topic: My blog
Welcome to my first blog. I hope i can get this thing running for enough time, usually i get tired really fast. :)
I'd like to keep this blog as a day-by-day journal, let's see for how long i'll keep the promise.....

If you'd like to better know myself and my work/interests, look at

and read some of my articles.....

Btw : The stuff you're probably looking for (WMPMirc etc... and all the stuff which was in the old page) are now stored in "My Works" section together with new additions i'll put online from time to time.


Posted by valeryno at 2:45 PM MEST
Updated: Sunday, 3 April 2005 3:59 PM MEST
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My Look'n Stop firewall ruleset
Topic: My works
My ruleset for Look'n Stop ( firewall, a really lightweight firewall solution for Windows. One of the best imho (forget about Norton and such....). This ruleset is a collection of rules i found on the net, including P2P specific rules for Emule and BitTorrent.


Posted by valeryno at 2:44 PM MEST
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NT Kernel IDC for IDA (Interactive Disassembler)
Topic: My works
A complete IDA ( IDC script for NT Kernel reversing i've made myself during my nt kernel reversing journeys. Including stuff to reverse NDIS drivers too. That's the only one around afaik.....


NB: This is constantly updated as long as i find new stuff to add.

Posted by valeryno at 2:41 PM MEST
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Topic: My works
Extended Bin-2-Include, a must have tool for the hardcore coder.
Converts a binary file in .h format. Support for xoring the content and many other options too. I've coded it myself since i couldn't find any good tool around.


Posted by valeryno at 2:37 PM MEST
Updated: Sunday, 3 April 2005 2:46 PM MEST
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WMPmIRC Plugin for Windows MediaPlayer
Topic: My works
This plugin shows on mIRC the media (song/avi/whatever) you're playing, in the same way other popular
plugins for WinAMP do.


Posted by valeryno at 2:34 PM MEST
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