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Valerino's codeyard — Profile

Name:  Valerino (aka xOANINO)

Location:  Livorno, Italy
Birthday:  31 December, 1974
Bio:  Hardcore codemonkey since '90s, ex-cracking scene idol (hi to all my fellows in United Cracking Force), currently banging my head on unusual coding stuff, actually single for someoneelse's choice, loves me, hates !me, ircing on #crack-it and #giada, msn at
Interests:  NT Kernel, Reverse engineering, Italian slow-food, Chinese food, Italian '70s/'80s trash movies (Edwige Fenech, Lino Banfi, Tomas Milian and poliziottesco movies uber alles), cats.
Blog Created:  Sunday, 3 April 2005
Last Updated:  Wednesday, 6 April 2005 - 11:54 AM MEST
Blog Entries:  8

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